Smooth sailing with kids

חופשת שייט עם ילדים smooth sailing with kids

Smooth Sailing with Kids: A Guide to Family-Friendly Adventures

A Smooth sailing vacation with kids is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Although it may sound daunting, with proper planning and adherence to safety guidelines, it can become a great and memorable adventure for all members of the family.

Being sailing parents ourselves, we understand the importance of ensuring a smooth sailing experience for families, and we’re here to guide you through every step of the journey.

Planning the your sailing holiday:

  • Choosing the right destination is crucial for a family sailing trip. Opt for areas with calm seas, comfortable weather, and a variety of child-friendly activities.
  • Make sure you charter a spacious and easy-to-operate boat, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for your family.
  • Coordinating expectations is key to a relaxed family vacation. Prepare your family in advance, emphasizing the importance of following safety rules and respecting each other’s roles on board.
  • Encourage your children to get involved by Consulting with them different route options and vacation activities, this will help getting them excited about the adventure ahead.

During your sailing holiday:

  • Safety is paramount at sea, especially when sailing with children. Ensure that your kids understand and follow safety protocols, including wearing life jackets, staying within designated areas, and avoiding hazards such as companionway stairs, ropes and winches.
  • Assign each child with a specific role in the operation of the yacht. this will keep them engaged and help them develope a sense of responsibility and self-worth. (these roles may include everything from Filling water tanks, starting the dinghy, emptying the trash cans when you arrive at the marina, dropping the anchor, lowering and raising fenders, etc.). Adult children can even help navigate and operate the boat.
  • Finding the right pace is essential when sailing with children. Be flexible and adapt the vacation to their rhythm, allowing time for rest and relaxation.
  • Plan light meals and snacks that are suitable for children.
  • consider installing safety nets for younger ones to prevent accidents on board.


  • Use the yacht and its surroundings as attractions instead of focusing solely on distant destinations.
  • Provide ample entertainment options such as books, games, and toys to keep children engaged during the voyage.
  • During the day you can explore the beach and underwater life with snorkeling gear, go on Pirate treasure hunt or just enjoy the beautiful surroundings.
  • At night you can spend quality family time like playing games or stargazing.

By implementing even few of these tips, you to could enjoy smooth sailing with kids which is a rewarding and enriching experience that strengthens family bonds and creates long lasting memories.  

Don’t hesitate to venture into the world of yachting with your children – it’s a family adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Ready to set sail? Contact us today to plan your family-friendly sailing adventure!

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