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מה קונים לשבוע על יאכטה yacht provisioning

When you charter a bareboat yacht for a sailing vacation, it is received clean and without basic products such as food products, kitchen aids and cleaning materials.

From toilet paper to milk to coffee, the first purchases always tend to be the most significant. To make sure you have all the ingredients for cooking and cleaning right from the start, we created a shopping list on which we usually improvise according to the desire and availability of the various ingredients.

Since you wouldn’t want to go out to sea and only then discover that you forgot to buy dish soap or coffee and sugar, we have collected for you 10 important tips for provisioning the yacht on the first day:

Get to know the crew’s preferences – ask the staff about culinary preferences/restrictions, allergies, or special requests for food.

Plan a basic menu – try to plan in advance a menu that will include light breakfasts and lunches, snacks/snacks with the drink and dinner (whether on the boat or in the restaurant) and buy groceries accordingly.

Don’t overdo it – the first purchase is significant and comprehensive, but at almost every stop along the way you can stock up on fresh groceries such as vegetables, fruit and bread.

Don’t be tempted by jumbo packages – when it comes to detergents/cereals/pasta/rice/spices, etc., it’s better to buy several small packages than one big package.

Don’t forget ice! – The refrigerator in the yacht is limited in cooling capacity compared to a home refrigerator. Be sure to increase it with ice (also important for drinks..)

Be sure to arrange the refrigerator correctly – store the ingredients in the order of use, soft and fragile products only go into the refrigerator at the end.

Hang a vegetable hammock – root vegetables and hard fruits will last excellently even outside the refrigerator (it is best to hang a small mesh hammock in the kitchen or living room)

Buy local produce – take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy beer, wine and foods unique to the sailing area.

Draw a “grocery map” – while arranging the food in the different compartments, you should write down in a small notebook what is found where, and thus save searching through all the kitchen cabinets while preparing the meal.

Order shopping in advance – you can pre-order shopping that will arrive upon receipt of the yacht from the rental company, thus saving valuable time and effort.

In order not to forget important products, we divided our permanent shopping list into the following sections:

  • cleaning materials
    Kitchen cooking aids
    dry storage
    Groceries for the fridge
    Vegetables and fruits


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