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Turkeiye is one of the most recommended areas for sailing in the Mediterranean. With green forest slopes sliding into turquoise waters, countless sheltered bays with a warm welcome and pampering hospitality in the heart of nature, excellent food (fresh fish, salads, and local delicacies), pine trees, a Turkish bath, excellent sailing conditions, colorful markets, amazing archeological sites embedded in the heart of nature, sea turtles and dolphins


With a wide variety of sailing areas and countless islands, affordable prices and a pleasant Mediterranean climate, Greece is the leading destination for yachting vacations. Sail between islands and stunning landscapes, enjoy swimming in clear waters, anchor in secluded bays, drink ouzo and enjoy local taverns, admire historical sites, sail in perfect sailing conditions and if you're lucky, you'll even meet friendly dolphins.


With excellent sailing conditions, short distances and impressive landscapes that include steep mountains and beautiful beaches, Montenegro is one of the most sought-after sailing destinations. this young Balkan country along the Adriatic coastline is boasting UNESCO World Heritage sites and fantastic landscapes that include steep and impressive mountains. The Bay of Kotor is a sheltered sailing area with favorable winds and a wide variety of marinas, churches, medieval villages, fortified coastal towns and even old submarine bases.

Tropical sailing destinat

Tropical destinations include the Bahamas & Carribean islands, Seychells and Thailand. With Rich tropical vegetation, warm and clear water, coral reefs teeming with life, a sailing vacation in the tropics of the world is just magical. The tropical latitudes are perfect destinations for a winter sailing holiday with palm-kissed white beaches and clear waters, warm and pleasant weather, nice people, and amazing food.


Croatia on the eastern side of the Adriatic Sea is a "paradise for sailors". It offers stunning views of the Dinaric Alps that slide down to the sea in steep cliffs, over 1,800 islands, protected national parks with beautiful nature, impressive ancient cities and vibrant nightlife. It is an ideal holiday destination, on land and at sea, you can visit it again and again without repeating the same route twice, and each time you will discover new and even more beautiful places than before. Along with spending time in marine nature reserves, sunbathing on board, luxurious marinas and swimming in the clear waters, you can also spend time in pubs and clubs, enjoy vibrant night life, travel and absorb culture and history in ancient cities and UNESCO world heritage sites.

Northern Europe

A sailing holiday in Northern Europe is intended for those who love sailing in special places and enjoy a slightly different sailing experience in a region where the sun hardly ever sets in the summer. From a relaxed cruise to Estonia or the Swedish archipelago in the Baltic Sea to adventurous cruises in the English Channel or the Scottish Islands, here you will find the special and different cruise destinations of Northern Europe


A sailing vacation on the French Riviera is a fascinating and exciting experience. You can enjoy French cuisine including gourmet restaurants and fine wines, watch luxury yachts, enjoy crowded beaches and luxury resorts, museums, food markets, enjoy luxury boutiques and soak up the culture and atmosphere of southern France


A sailing holiday in Spain is an experience full of joy! with seafood and tapas, nightlife, amazing nature reserves, ancient cities with impressive and special architecture, beautiful bays with crystal water and rich Mediterranean vegetation. You can enjoy summer in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean or go on an exotic and challenging winter adventure in the Canary Islands .

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