yacht provisioning

מה קונים לשבוע על יאכטה yacht provisioning

When you charter a bareboat yacht for a sailing vacation, it is received clean and without basic products such as food products, kitchen aids and cleaning materials. From toilet paper to milk to coffee, the first purchases always tend to be the most significant. To make sure you have all the ingredients for cooking and […]

Weather Forecasting for Sailing vacation

Weather Forecasting for Sailing vacation As sailing enthusiasts, we all share a love for the open water and the freedom it brings. However, every seasoned sailor knows that the key to a successful voyage lies in understanding the weather forecast and planning accordingly. In this post, we’ll discuss the significance of weather forecasting for yacht […]

How to pack for sailing vacation

איך לארוז לחופשת שייט בחו״ל How to pack for sailing holiday

How to pack for sailing vacation Start your vacation prep by envisioning the weather and your daily plans, then focus on packing smartly. Download our comprehensive packing list here. Opt for a soft, collapsible bag to save space on the yacht—remember, when it comes to personal items on board “Less is more“. Pack comfortable, light […]

Yacht heads

על השירותים והמקלחות ביאכטה yacht toilet and shower

Yacht Toilets and Showers: A Comprehensive Guide Yacht toilets and showers play a vital role in the experience of living onboard.  Unlike their land-based counterparts, yacht toilets aren’t linked to centralized sewage systems. Instead, they rely on seawater for flushing and dedicated containers for sewage storage. this system helps to prevent environmental contamination in natural […]

yacht docking tips

גישות לרציף עם יאכטה yachts-docking-tips

 Yacht Docking Tips: Mastering the Art of Stress-Free Maneuvering Sailing vacation is an exhilarating experience, yet close quarter maneuvering in crowded marinas and tight bustling docks can induce some anxiety. Some situations (especially when Tides, crosswinds or tight berths come into play) can be complex and nerve-wracking even for the most seasoned skipper.  For a […]

How to Conquer Seasickness

איך להתמודד עם מחלת ים How to deal with sea sickness

How to Conquer Seasickness: The Comprehensive Guide to Smooth Sailing Anyone who set sail knows the fear of seasickness, but we have good news… seasickness can be avoided if you act correctly! Most charter destinations are relatively protected from waves and comfortable for sailing, but there are always exceptional cases when this unpleasant feeling may […]

Smooth sailing with kids

חופשת שייט עם ילדים smooth sailing with kids

Smooth Sailing with Kids: A Guide to Family-Friendly Adventures A Smooth sailing vacation with kids is an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Although it may sound daunting, with proper planning and adherence to safety guidelines, it can become a great and memorable adventure for all members of the family. Being sailing parents ourselves, we […]

Yacht Electricity Systems

מערכת החשמל ביאכטה yacht-electricity-systems

On a sailing vacation, one of the most significant challenges the skipper has to face is managing the electricity consumption on the yacht. Many crews are not sufficiently aware of the fact that contrary to our habits at home, electricity on a yacht is not available without limit. (This is especially true if you use […]

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