Yacht heads

על השירותים והמקלחות ביאכטה yacht toilet and shower

Yacht Toilets and Showers: A Comprehensive Guide Yacht toilets and showers play a vital role in the experience of living onboard.  Unlike their land-based counterparts, yacht toilets aren’t linked to centralized sewage systems. Instead, they rely on seawater for flushing and dedicated containers for sewage storage. this system helps to prevent environmental contamination in natural […]

yacht docking tips

גישות לרציף עם יאכטה yachts-docking-tips

 Yacht Docking Tips: Mastering the Art of Stress-Free Maneuvering Sailing vacation is an exhilarating experience, yet close quarter maneuvering in crowded marinas and tight bustling docks can induce some anxiety. Some situations (especially when Tides, crosswinds or tight berths come into play) can be complex and nerve-wracking even for the most seasoned skipper.  For a […]

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